Vancouver Fong Leun Tong Society,
Sit, Seto Clans Association
溫哥華 薛, 司徒氏宗親會鳳倫堂

Seto - Sit Who's Who

  1. Founder Dick Gock Seto
  2. Founder James Lun Seto
  3. Founder Yin Shek Seto

Founder Dick Gock Seto Biography

Mr. Dick Gock Seto, alias Jang Mou, was born in Hoiping county, Canton province of China on 27 May, 1890. He migrated to Vancouver, B.C. as a businessman in 1920. He worked for a store in China Town called Kwang Men Shang as a herbalist for 10 years. Later on he established his own import/export companies in Hong Kong and Vancouver, B.C.

In early 1930, a company named Kuo-Seun was well-known in China Town. It imported and distributed a great varietiy of Chinese merchandise originating from China. It supplied and served not only to the local community, but also to other provinces in Canada, as well. Business was booming and providing a lot of employment opportunities for all Canadians across the country. He was in the first generation of Chinese Canadian entrepreneurs.

The business was interrupted due to the pacific war, erupting from Dec. 1941-Sept.1945. Business resumed after the 2nd world-war was over in 1946. He acquired his own business property on 89 East Pender Street, Vancouver. His business operation was well established in the Chinese community and encouraged the local merchants to attract more mainstream customers to China Town and provide them with good Chinese food, artistic items, like carvings, paintings, and other souvenirs, it laid a good foundation for the prosperity of Chinatown in the past 50 years.

He represented the Chinese community to host the .Exhibition of Chinese cultural articles. in the 50th Anniversary of city of Vancouver.

In 1953, he represented the Chinese community in the donation of $5,700 dollars to the university of British Columbia in support of educational business.

He was successful in business, but never forgot his home town in China. In 1920, he teamed up with another patriot overseas, Chinese Gaid Mun, in a fundraising campaign to establish the general library in his home-town, Hoiping, China.

In 1950, he teamed up with the benevolent brothers, Lun Seto, More Seto, Fong Seto, Chuey Seto, and Gordon Sit. Together they launched a fundraising campaign across Canada to acquired two flagship properties for the following associations in China-town:

  1. Vancouver Fong leun Tong Society
  2. Hoiping Benevolent association of Canada

He passed away in 1965, at age 75. He is survived by three sons, 1st: Wah Quan Seto, a successful businessman, 2nd: Eric Seto, an outstanding pharmacist, 3rd: Vernon Seto, a metallurgical engineer, and two daughters, Marilyn Seto, a social worker, and Evelyn Seto, a financial security specialist.

Founder James Lun Seto Biography

James Lun Seto, alias Jee Yee was born in Hoiping, Canton province, China on April, 7th 1896. As a youngster he was working for money in his home town and he immigrated to Canada at the age of 17.

Shortly after he was landed in Vancouver, Canada, he worked in a seniors' home as a cook. In a few years he teamed up with his cousins to run a dry-cleaning business on Fraser street in Vancouver. He worked there until he retired, and sold the business in 1965.

He was very active in serving the Chinese community, and truly believed in the spirit of giving back to the community. He did it in actions:

  1. He was the president of the Chinese community association for 8 years.
  2. Served as president of world Chinese Free Masons Society of Canada for 8 years.
  3. One of the key founders of the Fong Leun Tong Society in Vancouver, he helped to organized the fundraising team to acquired the first office building of Fong Leun Tong on Union street, Vancouver.

He was well known and respected in the Chinese community. One of his favorite hobbies was to visit the horse racing track. He enjoyed life, cared about the community and loved his family. Unfortunately, he had a stroke in early 1970 and passed away in 1980 at age 84. He is survived by son, Bill Szeto, a success businessman. He is proud of his father.

Founder Yin Shek Seto Biography

Seto More was one of the founding members of the Fong Lun Tong which originated as Gau Lun Tong in 1916, set up by a group of Seto. It quickly evolved into the Fong Lun Tong after the membership was expanded to include the Sits n 1921.

Seto More was born on 8 January, 1889 in Victoria where he finished high school and also acquired a solid grounding in Chinese. Being an avid reader and always eager to learn, he went on to study the modern and ancient Chinese classics and got to be regarded as a scholar among the community. He even used the Zhao Yuan Ren system to teach himself to speak Mandarin fluently. Later in life, he was invited to give the occasional lecture at the Asian Study Department at UBC.

He worked all his life for the Canadian Pacific Railway and ended up as its Asiatic Passenger Agent. On retirement, he was awarded a Railway Travel Pass, which enabled him to freely travel all over North America. Which he enjoyed.

He also joined the Da Han Gong Bao in Chinatown after his retirement from the CPR.

Seto More's wife was from the Lew family in Seattle.

His son Wilfred volunteered in World War II to join the Canadian Army, and, as a captain in the Seaforth Highlanders, saw service in North Africa and Italy. Wilfred's wife Patricia was from the Lowe clan.

Seto More's daughter Geraldine married Tong Louie, the founder of London Drugs.

Grandson Leigh Seto is with Freshpoint Vancouver Ltd.